Roberto Vega-Morales, Nhan V Tran, Yi Chen

Basic Information

Welcome to the webpage for the Golden channel project!

We have calculated and made projections for general scalar decaying into ZZ, Zγ and γγ, including full interference effect between different diagrams, as well as qq̅ → ZZ/Zγ/γγ → 2e2μ in s-channel and t/u-channels (as well as interferences). These expressions can be used in many ways in the characterization of the newly-discovered boson.

This page provides links to the paper, as well as download-able text files in C-like format for the differential cross sections we have. In addition, just for fun, I will put together a online visualizer to see various signal projections when we vary coupling constants.


Scrutinizing the Higgs Signal and Background in the 2e2μ Golden Channel.

Authors: Yi Chen, Nhan V Tran, Roberto Vega-Morales

Arxiv: 1211.1959

Kinematic distributions in the decays of the newly discovered resonance to four leptons are a powerful test of the tensor structure of its couplings to electroweak gauge bosons. We present an analytic calculation for both signal and background of the fully differential cross section for the 'Golden Channel' e+e-μ+μ- final state. We include all interference effects between intermediate gauge bosons and allow them to be on- or off-shell. For the signal we compute the fully differential cross section for general scalar couplings to ZZ, γγ, and Zγ. For the background we compute the leading order fully differential cross section for the dominant contribution coming from qq̅ annihilation into Z and γ gauge bosons, including the contribution from the resonant Z → 2e2μ process. We also present singly and doubly differential projections and study the interference effects on the differential spectra. These expressions can be used in a variety of ways to uncover the nature of the newly discovered resonance or any new scalars decaying to neutral gauge bosons which might be discovered in the future.

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