Postdoctoral Researcher, MIT


Research Topics

CMS Hadronic Calorimeter related:

  • Participated in hadronic calorimeter test beam in 2009 summer.
  • Anomalous noise in CMS hadronic calorimeter.

Physics research topics:

  • Measurement of the vector boson with associated jet production
    cross section as a function of jet multiplicity using the CMS detector at the LHC.
  • Search for third generation leptoquarks in the bb̅νν̅ channel using the CMS detector
    at the LHC.
  • Measurement of properties of the newly-discovered boson at around 125 GeV/c2
    using a fully differential (12 dimensional) likelihood at detector level.
  • Probing properties of quark gluon plasma (QGP) using jet substructure in heavy ion collisions.


High energy physics

  • Jan 2019 - Current: MIT heavy ion group
  • Feb 2018 - Current: CMS jet energy corrections and resolutions group coordinator
  • Oct 2017 - Current: CMS heavy ion high level trigger
  • Sep 2017 - Current: CMS heavy ion jet reconstruction contact
  • Aug 2016 - Dec 2018: CERN research fellow
  • Jan 2013 - Dec 2014: Leading the hadronic calorimeter noise group in CMS experiment at the LHC
  • Summer 2009 - Dec 2015: Participate in CMS experiment with the high energy group at Caltech
  • Spring 2006 - Spring 2008: Participate in CMS experiment with the heavy ion group in MIT

Computer science

  • Summer 2005: Participated in research on physics-based rendering (light-tracing) in CSAIL (Computer science and artificial intelligen lab) in MIT.
  • Fall 1999 - Spring 2003: Participated in research on applications of chaotic systems as pseudo random number generators and in encryption/decryption.

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